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Recently, it is near impossible to hear the distractions. In fact, it seems our entire society is distracted.80300-1

  • Distracted by the media.
  • Distracted by Pokemon Go, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Distracted by text messages, e-mails and ear buds.
  • Distracted by corporate sales pitches.
  • Distracted by multi-level-marketing companies.
  • Distracted by “reality t.v.”

Sometimes we can be so distracted by these things above, that we lose touch with what is really important to us.

I cannot tell you what is important to you. I can tell you what is important to me and my patients, friends, and family: EXPERIENCE.

How is your life experience?

Does your current engagement in distractions increase or decrease your life experience?

Stay tuned to what matters, next time we will talk about your experiences.



When asked, “What can chiropractic do for me?”, the best answer I can possibly give is, EXPERIENCE.

Understanding chiropractic’s affects, you must understand  the definition of a subluxation. A subluxation is what chiropractors correct. It is that thing that interferes with your ability to perform the way you were designed to perform. Removing a subluxation is like:

  • upgrading from a Pento to a Lamborghini. (With a Pento, you can still get to the grocery, however your experience is completely affected)
  • putting on glasses for the first time. (I had no idea at 15 years old I needed glasses. Seeing the leaves in trees for the first time is an experience I’ll never forget.)
  • Franzia to Padrone. (A friend introduced me to better wine. What a difference a better wine makes on the taste buds)
  • your first real kiss. (No explanation needed.)
  • your first pair of real running shoes. (not the ones you can buy on sale at Beall’s, the kind that a running store picks for you based on your gait pattern.)
  • upgrading your food from McDonald’s. (a steak, properly cooked has no equal, IMHO)

Truth is, as much as I try to explain what the chiropractic experience is like, I will never do it justice. It’s a NECESSITY that your nerve system be under care of a chiropractor. It simply isn’t an option, it is a necessity in order to perform at the level that life demands. Without a healthy nerve system, you simply cannot experience the life you were meant to experience. 






Your experience, whether you are happy with your experience or not, is taking place through your nerve system.  At this very moment you are reading the words, not with your eyes, but with your nerve system.  Yes, your eyes see the image, however without a brain and a functional nerve system, the words on this page would make no sense whatsoever.  Sometimes just thinking about these small things we are able to do…can make one understand how so intricately mastered we are.

  • Without the eye, we can not see.
  • Without the nerve system, the eye is useless.

Doesn’t it make sense to keep our nerve system as healthy as possible?  Your entire experience counts on it.