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Lent is done!

Lent is done!

Lent is over, now what?

Due to my Catholic roots, I enjoy giving up something that is unhealthy for Lent. If you give up the right thing, it is a healthy change and a good way to test self-control. But, what happens after Lent?

After you are off the hook from your religious requirements, what happens to that unhealthy habit?

Is the habit a vice or an indulgence?

If I can honestly say that my habit is a vice, basically that it takes me away from what is truly important in my life, then it has to go. Sometimes removing yourself for 6 weeks from something just to see the result is well worth it to your overall health.

One thing I will never go without is a clear and healthy nerve system, and neither will my family for that matter. With this, you can and will adapt much better to your lifestyle, vices and all. It doesn’t mean the habits can be ignored. You should minimize as much stress to your body as you can. What I am saying is simply this:

A break from habits is a good thing. However, don’t forget the follow up that must be had to properly asses the damage after AND don’t forget what helps you adapt to these habits.


Routines can be good or bad, as is everything with life.  One little change in your normal routine, and the entire habit loop is interrupted.  Or even more interesting, the initiator of the routine occurs on the wrong day, wrong time, wrong place, and here you are going through the motions.  For example, you wake up to your alarm that was not supposed to be set on Sunday, and start going through the ritual of going to work.  How embarrassing, yet relieving that you can just slip back into bed!

Are you just going through the motions, or is it time to re-think your actions to make sure they are creating the type of lifestyle you want?  Chances are that right now there are routines in all of our lives that could change for the better.

Matthew M Mix, DC