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Eyes Wide Open

Living with eyes wide open means that we remove the blinders (see last post, “blinders”http://drmatthewmix.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/blinders/).  It can be a little frightening, opening your eyes to everything that is available, thereby living in a “different” world.  Obviously we all live in the same world, yet we experience this world differently based on how we choose to experience it.  Not many understand this, and not many realize that they have ever made a choice on how to experience their world.

Choose to open your eyes to everything.  This means that you will see the brokenness in this world, and you will see the love as well.  There are both sides to humanity, and it is necessary to know, if we are to be healthy individuals living life without limitations…blinders being a huge limitation to who you will become.  In your quest to see everything for what it is, let me give you a suggestion of where to start.  For there is an elephant in the halls that no one seems to want to talk about and that is your immune system.

You immune system is the most valuable possession, and therefore should be where you spend your time, energy, and money.  You should protect your immune system like nothing else.  Your life depends on your immune system, and if you really live with your eyes wide open, you will see that there are attacks to your immune system daily that need attention.