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The human body is the ultimate D.I.Y.

The correct amount of oxygen is given to the correct amount of blood cells in the exact place that is most efficient in the correct percentage necessary for life. Truly, we could go on and on about the intelligent actions within you…and it truly is doing it yourself.

In fact, you are your own pharmacy. Your body distributes the drugs to the right places, in the right fashion and at the right time….and it does this by itself.

So what is our job?

Don’t interfere, interrupt, disrupt or harness the ultimate DIY within you, your own personal innate intelligence.

Down time

Down time.


I have to admit, I am a little uncomfortable with “down time”. No doubt, time for your body to recover, for the mind to rest, or for relaxation is important. However, “down time” should never go against the ultimate purpose for our lives. My purpose is so clear to me that I know what down time should and should not look like.

If down time is time away from my son, I’m not interested. I work too hard for that down time. For my wife, however, down time is time spent more on herself…because she is around our son all day long..well at least for the summer!

Innate intelligence (that “thing” that heals and maintains us in existence) has no down time. All the time, innate intel. is on the job. It keeps you functioning in the crazy world you choose to function. You push your body on the weekend, innate intel. has it covered. You choose to veg. out on the sofa on Sunday morning watching cartoons, innate intel. has all the chores checked off for the radical change in your activity level.

One day your innate intel. will have downtime. Until then, I suggest we live our life FILLED with experiences that enrich the lives around us. One can do this best with an innate intel. that is uninterrupted…the meaning of living a subluxation-free life.

It doesn’t matter what you think.

The law of life works even though the educated man knows nothing of that law. -BJ Palmer, DC

bj smiles

BJ Palmer, DC

This quote is a very broad statement, however I cannot think of a situation in which this does not hold true. No matter how much a person knows or does know know, the laws of life continue to work. What BJ was referring to in this quote was specifically the laws that cause man to live  and thrive.

He believed, and was correct, that there are laws that govern the inner workings of the human body. We could try to understand them, however even if we are not able to understand these laws completely, they still work.

Furthermore, and more importantly I will say this:

Man’s knowledge of the laws of life can and should help us understand how to live a reasonably healthy existence. -Matthew Mix, DC


The cursor blinks.


The cursor blinks, and awaits your command. All “they” need is a password. There in lies the problem, everyone wants a password. “They” place strict requirements on these passwords now. Seems like someone really wants to hack into my twitter account…

OK, so the password needs to be at least 4 numerals, 1 capital, no dashes allowed, no numbers in sequential order(the old 1234 trick), 8 alphabet letters, and it needs to change every 3 weeks.

The rules keep adding up over time. So now I have a list, a long list.

A list of all the passwords. It scrolls on for pages and pages. Page one, the very top, are the good old days when I would use my dog’s name as the password. ROXY. All caps. No crazy person would leave the caps on. That is all it took back then, and who is going to know the name of my dog anyway? Then requirements became more strict over time, and maybe they should….I started sending emails to my friends about being stuck in Nigeria and needing some money to get back home.

Then I started using passwords that were of old pets. You know, the first animal your family trusted you with, Frisky. Frisky was an awesome gerbil. Not sure what happened to him…he was very frisky.

Then the passwords went deeper into my life…my mother’s maiden name. My favorite English teacher. My favorite basketball player. You would have thought that’d be enough. Now, when I set up a password, there’s this little judging box, where some former hacker tells me whether the password is “strong”.

As much as I have to reset my passwords, for failure of remembering, I am humbled when comparing this all to Innate’s task.

Now, think about what your Innate Intelligence is charged with 24 hours a day. Innate works through your nerve system in order to keep everything in order. Innate knows the passwords to every function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It knows when to change them, where to log-in, what to do after, for how long, and for what predicted outcome. The password sheet for Innate’s passwords would outnumber anything created by man 100 fold. The power our human body’s well outnumber the new iPhone, no matter how big the display, or numerous the functions and storage capacity.

The cursor blinks, and awaits your Innate’s command. Luckily, you don’t have to think about it at all, just don’t interfere.

rain and the adjustment

Right now my town is in a drought. In fact the rain is so hard to come by, that the city has decided to place us under a moderate water restriction. In fact, I will take a picture of my yard today, and again in 2 weeks. I can guarantee the difference will be considerable.

It’s easy to understand: the less water, the less growth. More importantly: the less water, the more death.

Invariably the first thing that will happen, is that in the sunniest areas (the areas most effected by dryness) will start to turn brown. Then, it spreads like a domino effect. Soon the brown will be everywhere the shade isn’t. It’s not a pretty picture, in fact for a guy from New Orleans, where it rains daily during the summer, it is hard to watch. Everything that I worked so hard to plant, cut and trim will soon turn to dead, loose hay.

I can imagine your innate (that healing power within you) feeling the same way about your cells not getting the nerve impulses properly. Disappointed that it’s not being fed the right ingredients to keep it healthy. Your innate intelligence knows what to do to keep you healthy, and to return you to health, should you get sick. If your innate intelligence could talk, would it say, “Hey there. Remember me? We started out great. I had you working like a fine Rolex…and all you had to do is not interfere with the process!”