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With knowledge, comes responsibility.

If you had the knowledge of an IN-born, INtelligent, INnate ability of every human being to heal from any and all of life’s colds, flus, aches, diseases, or cancers what would you do with this knowledge?

Wouldn’t it seem reasonable that you would tell all of your friends and family (at least the ones that you care about) about this POWERful “thing” that resides withIN them?

This very thing exists in you. The power to organize, repair, construct, destruct, re-construct is all there. The ability for you to be the absolute best version of YOU is so close within your reach, that it ALMOST seems impossible, too good to be true, or out of grasp.

WithIN all of us is an INnate that is all knowing when it comes to your health and well being. Support this INnate, don’t fight it, cut it, burn it, or drug it.

define sick

What is sick?

I once had a patient enter my office, and proceed to tell me that he was the healthiest person he knew. The only reason he was here, in my office, was because his wife was determined to find something wrong!

Can you imagine? Never being sick, never a cold, a fever, a vomit, or diarrhea? Unbelievable, in my mind, however I was new in practice at the time, so I believed him…or at least the part about him being the healthiest person on the planet.

So I decided to put him through some simple chiropractic tests, to check the functioning of his nerve system. I was honestly expecting to see a perfect exam. I received nothing of the sort. After completing my tests, I showed him the results. He couldn’t believe that there was anything wrong…however agreed that his nerve system may need some “tuning”.

Here is where things got interesting. He said thanks, went home, and I didn’t hear from him for a week. One week later, I see him out in the community. He proceeds to explain to me what “being sick is all about”. You see, that first night after the adjustment, he had a fever for the first time in his life. The next day he had diarrhea, proceeded by vomiting and the cold sweats.

So, did my adjustment to his nerve system make him sick? Or did the adjustment allow his body to clean itself out in a way that it was never able to do so in the past?

It is absolutely normal to have symptoms of fever, vomiting, coughing, or diarrhea. Simply, this gets the junk out. So if this is the case, then being sick is not really a bad thing. Guess it just depends on what your definition of sick is. Here’s one to ponder:

sick: A state of health in which your body is not able to adapt in a reasonable manner.

A reasonable manner to me brings up the subject of timing. How long are you experiencing these symptoms? Our bodies should be able to “clean out the junk” within 72 hours. Of course every virus, or bacteria is different, and some needing a larger response by your body. However, from what I have seen by patients in my office, 72 hours is long enough for the intelligent processes of your self cleaning body.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Every Child Checked by 5 years old

Everyone wants to make a difference.  The key is to use your talents to get this done.  Here’s my chance:

I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the best chiropractors in the world this weekend, and their families.  I always love seeing the children of chiropractic.  These are the kids that have been checked by their chiropractic moms and dads since birth, as my son has been.  This time, however, I sat back and observed these bright, healthy kids.  It hit me square in the head:  I realized that this was the key to a healthier society tomorrow.

If every child, before the age of 5, was checked by a Chiropractor, the future health of our nation would be substantially better.

Why children?

-By 5 years of age, the degeneration process has not set in.

-At this age, kids are less likely to be labeled as ADHD, therefore are on less medications.

-less medications = less care needed by Chiropractors, allowing the Chiropractic profession to handle the care of this group.

-Who doesn’t want their kids checked for a clear nerve system?

-Any interference to the natural, inborn, innate intelligence of a 5 year old child is easily correctable before major damage occurs in a majority of the cases.

So, there it is.  A huge undertaking.  A simple chiropractic check-up, with extreme ramifications for the future of our society.

Matthew M Mix, DC


Selfishness can be a virtue. Selfishness is essential for survival, and without survival, we can not protect those whom we love more than ourselves. -Duke Ellington

Everytime I fly, I am reminded of this. It is stated right before the plane leaves the tarmac, and many do not realize the importance. In case of emergency, you are to place the oxygen mask over yourself first, then your children.

You can not take care of others, until you are safe, and healthy to take care of them.

There are times when our bodies are sending us messages. We often ignore these messages to take care of our children, our parents, or our loved ones. If we don’t soon pay attention to ourselves, and be a little selfish, then we will never be able to take care of our loved ones the way we would like.

The only question is this: How late do you plan to wait to take care of your health? Most that I meet have waited way too long. Selfishness at times is essential, your loved ones will thank you later.

Matthew M Mix, DC


When was the last time you listened to your innate?

We are constantly being “spoken to” by our innate intelligence.  Whether the message is really simple, like, “I,m cold.”  Or more complex of a message like, “I am being bombarded by many stresses right now, maybe staying up late to get caught up on paperwork, isn’t the best plan for your health right now!”

It is very hard to know that if the messages you are “hearing” are those of your wants, or of your innate wants.  The best way that I have been able to listen to my innate is by following one basic rule.

If this thing that I am about to say, do, or be will have a positive affect on my health, then it is most likely “innately correct” for me.

Innate is that “thing” that controls and coordinates ever function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.  Innate wants you to be healthy, so if we assume healthy things help innate, then it is best to do them!