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4 Questions to Live By.

4 Questions to Live By.

1- Is your health really a priority?

2- If you “lost your health”, what would that mean?

It has often been said that if you wish to know an individual’s values, look at where they spend their time. We can all say, “God, family, health.” However, when push comes to shove, we stop at the convenience store for a cigarette. Maybe we scoff at the doctor when he wants $300/ month for preventative health services, and that same day we write that check for a new truck for $700/ month.

This may be a wake-up call for you, and if you need to wake-up, we are happy to help. However, it has to start with you. You have to make the decisions that are going to support a life that you can look at with pride. 

3- If you knew you left opportunity with loved ones on the table, would you be proud of that?

I’m in the boat with you!

This is what I think about on a regular basis:

4- How can I make the best impact for good, with this limited time we are here?


There are few of us that want mediocrity in life. That is one reason why you read blogs such as this one. Watch this:


As a chiropractor, I have seen both sides of the story. The individual that wants an average life seems to think that this means stability, or safety. Thinking, “If I want to have an exceptional life, then I really need to gamble with my life.” However, I say this is guaranteed with that attitude, “If you lead a life of mediocre behaviors, health, and attitude, you are destined to never have an extraordinary life.”

Therefore, is it a gamble to try for the extraordinary? Possibly. However, never throwing your money on the table guarantees you have no chance of winning at all.

The story of Paw-Paw

My grandfather, Charlie, or Paw-Paw as I knew him, was an accomplished carpenter. In fact, he was responsible for building many of the bar tops that still operate in New Orleans today. He was a man that knew what his purpose was, and he lived it religiously. Paw-Paw would get so involved in his work, that he even lost a few fingers in his time! Of course that was in the day of less safety equipment, with guards on saws, or even eye protection. One of the things I remember so clearly about my grandfather, was that he couldn’t see clearly at all.
This was for a couple of reasons. For one, my grandfather had an accident as a child when he lost vision in one of his eyes. It was a firearm accident, in which gun powder found it’s way into his left eye. As tragic of a story this is for his left eye, the right eye has a more humorous reason for decreased clarity.
You see, the right eye worked rather well. Charlie did need prescription glasses for a simple case of nearsightedness, however the true cause for his lack of clarity in his right eye, was that he always had sawdust on his glasses. Let me explain…
Not just a little sawdust, it would be obvious to anyone within 20 feet. The sun wouldn’t need to hit the lens just right to see the dust, and grime. No, this layer of dust would require the type of cleaning that would need much more than a shirt-tail to get the job done. To clean his lenses would require moisture to get through the soiled lenses! The phenomenon truly would baffle me, and still does to this day.
Imagine this:
You have one eye that you can use to see, on this one eye, you have to wear glasses. One would think that this last eye would be seen for what it truly was: The last opportunity to be able to see the world in which you live! I’d venture to say that I would pamper this right eye beyond all measure. I would treat that eye like it was the most vulnerable part of my body. And yet, Paw-Paw would literally get into his life’s work of carpentry, thus ignoring this main form of input to the human experience. Paw-Paw would deny his only hope of sight, a clean lens in which to see. His life experience, already dulled by 50%, would decrease even further.

Do you see a comparison to your life?

So many of us experience life with dirty lenses. The lens I am referring to is your nerve system. The truth is that your nerve system can work dirty. In fact, it can get quite a bit done, if it has a little dirt on it. But here is where your life becomes limited. You get acclimated to the dirty lens. Slowly throughout your life, the dirt and dust and grime of your life’s work builds up. Your confused, you never “saw” it coming. Your life was limited, and you didn’t even notice.

Sometimes it takes a different perspective. Sometimes it takes a friend to tell you to clean your lens. Believe me, they can’t see the dust. You will have to wipe it off for them. And when you do, they will be so very thankful, but that’s not why we do it. We clean the lens because it’s the right thing to do. We clean the lens because we care, because we know that only through a clean lens can the body actually work the way it was designed.

A life well lived

How much time I have left in this world is irrelevant. I am more interested in quality as compared to quantity. In the business that I am in, I have seen those that live 85 years, and wish they had only lived 65. I have also seen the polar opposite. I have seen someone live 60 years, however you knew that those 60 years were lived wonderfully, and they had no regrets.
There are those that live their life full out, and those that play at half speed. I choose to play full out, and I extend an offer to you to do so as well. It’s a nice feeling to know that at the end of the day you can reflect on that day with a smile.
To know that you used every second of the day as good as you knew how. To know that your life, no matter how long, was used to it’s full extent. This is a life well lived.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Pretty awesome

Is there anything that can equal the awesomeness that is your innate intelligence?

Think about your first day of life.  Not the day that we call your birthday, I’m talking about the day life actually occurred for you.  A life formed out of union of a sperm and an egg.  From that early union, began life for you. Since then changes continue to occur.  These changes occur mostly with no input from you at all.  In fact without input from you, the changes that occur within you are much more likely to be better, than with your “intellectual” input at all.

To think that we know more than the power that made you, is completely wrong.  As a chiropractor, I watch, and remove interference to that wonderful power that already resides within you.  This allows for the maximal expression of your life.

Matthew M Mix, DC