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proper focus

proper focus

One cannot have more dark.

Nor can you truly posses disease!

Darkness is simply the absence of light. In order to rid your room of darkness, isn’t it easier to light a candle, than to remove the dark?

In order to rid ourselves of disease, we must promote health. Chasing something that only exists because man has given name to it is a futile attempt at restoring health.


Better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness.

I have never really found it enjoyable to hang around people who would rather talk about what is wrong.  Bringing up problems, or challenges is important so that solutions can be made.  However, if all that is focused on is the bad, the wrong, the improper, and the terrible….then no solution will be found.

It’s important to know the facts of the situation.  So, you have degeneration in your spine, and your able to know it means your nerve system has not been working well for years now.  What’s the solution?  What’s possible from here?

You can not change the past, however you can take steps to get yourself and your family healthier in 2013.

Adjust does just that.  We look at the facts of the state of your health, then we look at where we can go.  Where do you want to go?  Curse the darkness, or light one candle, it’s up to you.

Matthew M Mix, DC