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Recently, it is near impossible to hear the distractions. In fact, it seems our entire society is distracted.80300-1

  • Distracted by the media.
  • Distracted by Pokemon Go, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Distracted by text messages, e-mails and ear buds.
  • Distracted by corporate sales pitches.
  • Distracted by multi-level-marketing companies.
  • Distracted by “reality t.v.”

Sometimes we can be so distracted by these things above, that we lose touch with what is really important to us.

I cannot tell you what is important to you. I can tell you what is important to me and my patients, friends, and family: EXPERIENCE.

How is your life experience?

Does your current engagement in distractions increase or decrease your life experience?

Stay tuned to what matters, next time we will talk about your experiences.


1 ply

I returned from a small town in Nicaragua this week. There were many things that were quite a bit different than our usual day-to-day routines. However, I would like to talk about one in particular: toilet paper (TP).

TP is such a simple product. Near everywhere you travel, you will see TP. Sometimes TP is rough, sometimes it is soft. Sometimes it is thick, and sometimes you find it thin. Sometimes perforated, others a continuous roll.

One thing is for certain with TP:

Once you get use to a certain quality, it is near impossible to be satisfied with an inferior experience.

Health can be thought of in a similar fashion. When you experience the results of a quality chiropractic adjustment, your quality of life changes for the better. Your health simply deserves to function without interruption from a subluxation. When a quality adjustment is given, a subluxation clears, and quality of life instantly changes. Why would anyone want a lower quality of life?