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That is what I do all day long….slip and check.

Slipping:  This is what we do over and over again that brings poor results.  Example: we pick the wrong meal to eat, and add unwanted calories and chemicals to our bodies.  We sit incorrectly at the desk, which causes strain to the weaker areas of our body.

Check:  This is what most people forget to do, or are plain too lazy to do!  True, it requires work to check yourself, however the payoff is huge.  You know you made a mistake, now what do you plan on doing about it?

If you have the knowledge, then you have the responsibility to do the right thing.

Slipping happens all the time, however are you checking yourself, to create a better, healthier result?  If you like this idea, I suggest you look into the idea of Slipping and Checking in the “The Triune of Life “, by BJ Palmer.  He references it to a golfer…constantly working on his swing to produce the flight of the ball that he would like.  Even the best of the best golfer does this constantly, to produce a consistent, beautiful swing that gets the result he desires.

To all of my American readers, have a great Fourth of July.  You will slip, just don’t forget to check.