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before you take one more pill…

As I am sure most of us can agree that the human body is an amazing self-healing machine. In fact, to call it a machine is an injustice. A machine needs an operator. Your body has no outside operator, it has this built in.
We make sure this important system is working.
This is more than a concept. This is reality, and when working properly, you are giving your body a chance to heal, without so many medicines. Of course, medicine has accomplished some great things for the human race. However, the side-effect has been a dependence.

What if I told you that people under chiropractic care take much less medicine (less dependence) than those without chiropractic care? The research supports it, and so do our results in Bastrop.
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There is an urgent problem in Bastrop, where families, due to misinformation, are breaking down and existing in a fog of lost health and untapped potential. Therefore Adjust chiropractic exists to leave a legacy by passionately serving the families of our community with integrity so they can experience life in the way it was meant to be.

Our clear goal for every patient is to release their imprisoned potential for health that is locked away due to Vertebral Subluxation. We invest in the best advanced technology to provide the highest quality health assessment available today. From this, we provide precision care designed to achieve results. Our office is a community of like minded people who value family health. Our mission is to provide an uplifting experience that will exceed their expectations.

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