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Meet the Team

Meet Ruth, our Chiropractic Assistant & Office Manager

Ruth joined us at Adjust in January of 2010. She was born and raised in Bastrop. Ruth had visited other chiropractic offices in the past, however had not known the depth of chiropractic’s health ramifications until her very own health was positively affected.

After I started working at Adjust, I understood what chiropractic truly was and the benefits of it. I decided to have myself checked right away. Sixteen months after I started care, my son Hunter was born.  I made it a point to make Adjust the first stop on the way home from the hospital, so he could receive his first adjustment

The health of my family has been wonderful.  It is obvious to me that our immune system is working at a higher level. Hunter has only had one ear infection since birth, and recovered quickly. I truly believe that chiropractic is the reason for that. Our sleep quality has improved greatly; we take less prescription medications and rarely have to make trips to the medical doctor.

I strongly recommend having your spine checked from birth. The first subluxation often occurs during the birthing process, so babies need to be checked right away.

Chiropractic is an amazing and life changing service that not many people are aware of. I am fortunate to work with a great team, to change that, thereby making Bastrop County the healthiest community in Texas. 

Meet Amanda, our Chiropractic Assistant & Administrative Assistant

Amanda | Chiropractic Assistant/ Administrative Assistant

I was born on August 28th 1987 in Portland, Oregon. My family has since moved to Texas twice due to my father’s job, and have called Bastrop home for about 15 years now. After high school I further studied nutritional science and held Executive Coordinator positions with both the JW Marriott and  Century Communities.

I am an intuitive thinker and love a challenging problem to solve, so naturally I have always been attracted to the ever changing science behind the human body’s adaptation as well as reversing any degeneration. It’s exciting to learn from Dr. Mix and be a part of his practice, as it allows me to gain an even larger perspective on living life to the fullest through healthy practice.

In July of 2010 I was blessed with the birth of my son, Jackson Andrew Blough, who is now a 1st grader at Red Rock Elementary. Jackson and I moved to Red Rock this year after accepting another family as our own. Being able to adapt and accept change has brought Jack and I to the Adjust Chiropractic family and the opportunity to become a complete family at home. I am confident in providing the best quality of life to myself and my family with the supplemental knowledge I gain working with Dr. Mix, and look forward to what life continues to gift us with.