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Life is marathon, not a sprint.

I see this understanding among people that get great results while under chiropractic care.  It’s the understanding that symptoms will come and go, however as long as we do the right things, we will get the right results.  These are the people that get the best results, and the results stick.

They are not worried about the ups and downs of what they feel.  They understand the principle of health and healing, and they are not afraid of the little bumps along the way.

The principle of health and healing is this:

All healing happens by way of an Innate Intelligence that is in you.  There is an intelligence within you that is responsible for keeping you healthy, and healing you when necessary.  There is no human being that could ever know what your innate intelligence knows.  Chiropractors simply remove the interference from this inner intelligence, thus allowing it to work without interference.  When this happens, your Innate Intelligence is able to do it’s job, without interference.

Then and only then can you heal.