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I had to stop at the convenience store on the way to work recently.  Just like usual, I end up going for $1 can of soup, and here I am picking up 4-5 things.  Of course, I never expect this to happen, so as I had entered the store, I decided, “no need for a basket, I’ve got this.”  To my astonishment, now I am dropping stuff all the way to the car.  So, to lighten my load, I put my poorly chosen lottery ticket on the edge of my roof, and load all the other items into the vehicle.  You can see where this is going right?

So, I hit the green light and proceed to accelerate down the highway…and what happens next?  I see something in my rearview mirror fly into the air.  I catch just a small glimpse, and yes, to my surprise, there goes the lottery ticket.  I thought for a split second, “What’s the chance I’ll win anyway?”  Of course, I turn around immediately, go back and get the ticket, and feel much relief that I at least have a chance of winning 49 million dollars.

Our health choices can be very similar to this scenario.  You look at the time, and you think, “I’m already a little late to the Chiropractic appointment…will this one missed appointment really mean that much?”

YES!  If you don’t play, you can not and will not win.  You have to make the healthy choices, not because you are fearful of losing, but because the more frequent your health choices are, the better CHANCE you will reach that health goal you have for yourself.  After all, you only live once, you might as well make the quality of this lifetime something to write home about!

Matthew M Mix, DC