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Have you ever bought a new vehicle, and then all of a sudden it seems like everyone else in your town is starting to drive the same thing?  Maybe you here a song that you have never heard before, and all of a sudden it is all you can do to not hear it…maybe you hear it 10 times a day!  What is really happening here?  Are you REALLY attracting these things into your life?

I’m going to say, “no”.  Those things have always been there.  Your brain can not process everything that is going on at every second of the day in your environment, to the degree of specificity that would allow you to see that car, or hear that song is not being brought to your awareness.  Your brain actually will “zone out” to save a little room for your thoughts, or on what you are focusing.

So, here is the question I pose to you today: “What do I place my focus?”  What we focus our attention to is extremely important.  Maybe these things have always been there, you just don’t “see” them.  Here are a couple of suggestions.

Focus on:

Health vs sickness

Wellness vs disease

Full expression of life vs limitations

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Matthew M Mix, DC