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In gossip, there is always a message.  Usually it’s interesting, and hopefully something that the receiver of the message has not heard yet.  The speaker of the message usually does not know the entire story, and even as they say it, there is some doubt that the true meaning of what they are saying is probably not 100% accurate, even to themselves.

A poorly functioning nerve system is like gossip.  There is a  message that is present, however the message is distorted.  Just like any communication, it is important to understand the true meaning of the message before any conclusions are drawn, or actions are carried out.

Your brain is the sender.  When interruptions are present in the communication between your brain and body, you will not get the proper actions.  If those actions involve a healthy immune system, then your body is at a weakened state of defense.

Stop the nerve system gossip by getting your nerve system checked and  interference to it removed as often as your chiropractor deems necessary, if true health is a goal of yours.

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Matthew M Mix, DC