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How healthy can one be?

This is a question that you answer for yourself constantly, without even knowing. You answer this when:
-you settle for a cough that lasts 2 weeks.
-you can’t turn your head to the right when trying to back out the parking spot, so you just resort to your mirrors, and or backup cameras.
-you noticed your pants are a little tighter than they use to be, and you blame it on the fabric shrinking….then you notice it is also happening to that other pair of pants, and you don’t do anything about it.
-you can’t even think of running a mile, when you use to do 5 miles like it was no big deal.

So, have you given into the the lower levels of health, choking it up to, “Guess I’m getting older.”? Don’t give up on your potential for higher levels of health. Just because your friends are getting slower, doesn’t mean that it is natural or normal to do so.

Matthew M Mix, DC