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Everyone in my office has heard me speak of innate intelligence. Innate intelligence, if you have not heard the term, is what is responsible for the healing within all living things. Innate continually does everything it can to keep you thriving in a not-so-perfect world. Without innate, there is no life.
Innate is not a new principle. The idea of innate has been around since the beginning of time. Innate is simply the difference between someone that is alive, and one that is not. Innate is the conductor.
In a highly orchestrated concert, innate is the conductor. Every member of the orchestra is vitally important to the concert. In fact without one member of the orchestra, the sound is diminished, the timing off, and the music will suffer. The conductor keeps it all working together, in harmony.
Today as you eat your not-so-healthy food choices, innate will decipher what it can use, and what it cannot. As you stress over a spreadsheet at work, take a moment to cherish and be thankful for your innate intelligence. For it keeps on working, with whatever resources you provide, to keep you as healthy as possible.