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Last night I gave a presentation to a small group on the subject of health.  At the beginning I spoke about something that I feel was the main takeaway of the night…values.

Everyone has them, however many of us do not recognize what they are.  If you are one of the few whom have actually thought of your values, then I applaud you.  Having values is good, knowing your values is great, however I am interested in the exceptional.  The exceptional individual bases their life around their values.  Where they spend their money, where they spend their time, and where they spend their energy.

One of my top values:


This is my son this summer at the beach.  A top interest in my life, and obviously a very important part of my life.  In fact, there is nothing that I would not do to provide safety, security, and general well-being for Mason.  Most fathers would not argue with me at all about this feeling that we all have for our family.  In fact, my highest value in life has Mason as a underlying reason for that value.  

You see, my highest value is my health.  My health has to be a priority if I am truly wanting my son to be safe, secure, and happy.  Simply put, if I do not take care of my health, I will never be able to take care of his.  

I challenge you to list out your highest values in life, and find a way that your health does not matter to all of these values.  You will see that your health is of the most importance in order for you to provide for the important others in your life.