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It is always interesting how much people want to talk about the weather. No matter where you go, the story is the same. 

Think it’s going to rain today?

Looks like the winter is coming to a close..hmm well see!

I’ve noticed that people truly seem to have an infatuation with the weather in ways no other subject area gets attention. Why is that?

Here is my thought:

Weather is something we all experience. It’s that one thing that we know we are all “going through”. No matter your financial, spiritual, or health status…weather is the same for all of us. Maybe it is just that one thing that gives us a feeling of belonging. Is there any other subject that we know we all agree on? Sure, the Olympics gives all Americans the same team to root for, but then again we don’t all agree to like the same sports. I have recently really enjoyed watching hockey, however many like figure skating…boring!

What about health? (You knew I needed to talk about my favorite subject, right?) 

How are you?

Do people REALLY want to know how you feel? Not really. Yet when someone says:

Hey, how you doin’?

Do they really want to know how you feel? Doubtful. Personally, I want to know how you are FUNCTIONING…truly how you are doin’. These are two completely different things. Knowing how you feel allows me to be empathetic to your situation, however helps me and you very little in way of giving me information to really try to help you.

So, here we are, bonded together like a fraternity in the one thing that we know we are all experiencing…weather. Guess when you think about it, it’s not really that bad. It’s nice to know that we are all experiencing the same thing. It is important to add that our bodies’ response to the weather is a completely different story….more on that later.

For now..

Looks like a good, clear day today, 72 for a high, no chance of rain…at least that’s what “they” say. I’m not washing my truck, if you know what I mean.