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When asked, “What can chiropractic do for me?”, the best answer I can possibly give is, EXPERIENCE.

Understanding chiropractic’s affects, you must understand  the definition of a subluxation. A subluxation is what chiropractors correct. It is that thing that interferes with your ability to perform the way you were designed to perform. Removing a subluxation is like:

  • upgrading from a Pento to a Lamborghini. (With a Pento, you can still get to the grocery, however your experience is completely affected)
  • putting on glasses for the first time. (I had no idea at 15 years old I needed glasses. Seeing the leaves in trees for the first time is an experience I’ll never forget.)
  • Franzia to Padrone. (A friend introduced me to better wine. What a difference a better wine makes on the taste buds)
  • your first real kiss. (No explanation needed.)
  • your first pair of real running shoes. (not the ones you can buy on sale at Beall’s, the kind that a running store picks for you based on your gait pattern.)
  • upgrading your food from McDonald’s. (a steak, properly cooked has no equal, IMHO)

Truth is, as much as I try to explain what the chiropractic experience is like, I will never do it justice. It’s a NECESSITY that your nerve system be under care of a chiropractor. It simply isn’t an option, it is a necessity in order to perform at the level that life demands. Without a healthy nerve system, you simply cannot experience the life you were meant to experience.