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In the business world, I have always tried to hold to the standard, “without statistics, our emotions rule”. This is true in personal life as well. Let’s give a couple of examples of improper analysis of health.

1- You base your health on what you look like. No doubt, there is some truth that someones appearance can be a tell for their health. I am sure we have all had people ask if we were feeling ok, based on our physical appearance. However, if this is your main means of objectively checking your health state, then you will be sorely disappointed later in life.
**Alternatively, use objective means to check your health state. Most importantly, check the master control system of your entire body, your nerve system.
2- You determine your condition by your symptoms. Unless you are a doctor, you should not be performing diagnosis measures on yourself, or your family. Web MD, and other symptom checkers on the internet, are there simply to refer you to a doctor. It is amazing what people will miss regarding their health, because the symptoms did not match up with the diagnosis they felt compelled to perform.
**Instead, try not judging your health on symptoms at all. Use measurement tools by qualified doctors that will analyze you without symptom, or name calling diseases. Truly finding health limitations before the named disease or health condition presents itself is a true expression of health management.

Once you move out of your parents’ house, your health is your responsibility. Become the responsible steward of your health, by analyzing your health with statistics, and making corrections along the way based on responsible data.