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The cursor blinks, and awaits your command. All “they” need is a password. There in lies the problem, everyone wants a password. “They” place strict requirements on these passwords now. Seems like someone really wants to hack into my twitter account…

OK, so the password needs to be at least 4 numerals, 1 capital, no dashes allowed, no numbers in sequential order(the old 1234 trick), 8 alphabet letters, and it needs to change every 3 weeks.

The rules keep adding up over time. So now I have a list, a long list.

A list of all the passwords. It scrolls on for pages and pages. Page one, the very top, are the good old days when I would use my dog’s name as the password. ROXY. All caps. No crazy person would leave the caps on. That is all it took back then, and who is going to know the name of my dog anyway? Then requirements became more strict over time, and maybe they should….I started sending emails to my friends about being stuck in Nigeria and needing some money to get back home.

Then I started using passwords that were of old pets. You know, the first animal your family trusted you with, Frisky. Frisky was an awesome gerbil. Not sure what happened to him…he was very frisky.

Then the passwords went deeper into my life…my mother’s maiden name. My favorite English teacher. My favorite basketball player. You would have thought that’d be enough. Now, when I set up a password, there’s this little judging box, where some former hacker tells me whether the password is “strong”.

As much as I have to reset my passwords, for failure of remembering, I am humbled when comparing this all to Innate’s task.

Now, think about what your Innate Intelligence is charged with 24 hours a day. Innate works through your nerve system in order to keep everything in order. Innate knows the passwords to every function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. It knows when to change them, where to log-in, what to do after, for how long, and for what predicted outcome. The password sheet for Innate’s passwords would outnumber anything created by man 100 fold. The power our human body’s well outnumber the new iPhone, no matter how big the display, or numerous the functions and storage capacity.

The cursor blinks, and awaits your Innate’s command. Luckily, you don’t have to think about it at all, just don’t interfere.