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I’d like to discuss the idea of thinking inside out. I believe that most humans have the knowledge that the human body is a marvelous machine, which can accomplish some amazing things. We are taught in kinder that the brain is in control- the master control system. Later by second grade we understand the purpose of the heart and lungs, followed by a basic understanding of how muscles work. As we gain more knowledge and understanding of the human body, we naturally are in awe of what the human body is able to accomplish.
I remember vividly as a child the day that I laid back in my bed after reading an anatomy book. I was completely overwhelmed by the complexity of intrinsic processes that are ongoing within each and every one of us. I remember contemplating the efficiency of the human body. The most complex, yet efficient processes known to man, was in fact, man. Without knowing it at the time, it was at that very moment I recognized and honored the power of Innate Intelligence.
Innate intelligence is a term that chiropractors use to label the power within each and every living thing. This powerful maestro orchestrates life itself. Knowing what chemicals need to be filtered to breathe, and being able to use this polluted environment we live in at times to thrive is no small feat. This is just one example of Innate’s job.
Honoring this Innate Intelligence means trusting your body, not stressing it when not necessary, and acknowledging that you are not a random heap of materials that lives in a poorly organized fashion. You were powerfully made, and your innate intelligence needs no help. This is thinking inside-out.