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There is something to be said about timing:

Time taken, time wasted.

Time used, time free.

Time tested, testing your time.

I have heard it referenced to “being in the zone”. That is when timing seems to be right on. The light turns green just in time. Just then you arrive at the meeting just in time to get to your seat, order a coffee, and voila: your date arrives.

Then there is terrible timing. Like the time you get to the intersection. Your distracted too much to make a quick enough stop, so you opt for the speed up. Just then you notice that the lights flash from the camera, and you feel like a movie star, without the glam.

With all this talk about time, when is the right time to take care of your health?

Do you wait for symptoms to show, before you practice good, healthy habits?

Do you keep your nerve system healthy with regular chiropractic check-ups?

We have people that come to our office because of pain, and we have people that seek our care because they want to be healthy. Which one do you think leads a happier, healthier life?

Time to schedule an appointment?