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IMG_1634If you have not read “Entropy”, read it here, first.

Remember, we said, “Entropy can be described as a process in which order turns to dis-order over a period of time.”

So, if entropy is the process that results in dis-order, we posed the question, of how the human body actually is able to defy this process. For example, a baby born. From disorder, actually comes order! So, it could be said that “life” itself defies the process of entropy. The same could be said for healing as well.

So here is your answer: Innate Intelligence.

Chiropractors call the healing, entropy-defying, overall superstar of your body, “innate intelligence”. (You can read our past blog on innate intelligence here.)

In a nutshell, your innate intelligence is the conductor for your orchestra.

Everyone needs an innate intelligence, it is necessary that it works without interruption, if you are to reach your purpose in life. Without an innate intelligence, you would simply be parts!

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