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The type of paradigms I would like to discuss are health paradigms. It is the term that can be attributed to your general view of your and likely your family’s healthcare. Your health paradigm can be determined by the decisions that you make. For instance, if you choose to eat organic produce, exercise 3 times a week, got to a chiropractor whether in pain or not, and avoid smoking then I get a good idea of what your health paradigm is: “prevention is key”. However, if your grocery basket is filled with Cheetos, your idea of exercise is taking out the trash, and you visit your chiropractor when your “back goes out”, I assume your health paradigm is: “symptoms-based” or “sick-care”.

Maybe it is time to take inventory of our own health paradigm.

If our choices are lack-luster, maybe it is time to re-focus on what health paradigms we have been operating from. If your health paradigm is one of wellness, prevention, limitless potential, then great job! If not, let’s tighten up our underlying paradigm, and see that the choices we make come a little more on purpose, versus reactionary.

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