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Young Woman Meditating on the Floor

I forgot to take my vitamins this morning. I just was in too big of a hurry, and didn’t remember to take them. I did remember, however to do my stretches, but I didn’t actually DO my stretches. I know I am suppose to stretch in the morning, my massage therapist once told me, “What is the first thing your dog does in the morning? They stretch, and so should you.”

Now I am at work, and I am suppose to meditate in the morning. Well,  I arrived here too late, and it’s Monday…so, there are a lot of emails to catch up on. So, I skipped out on the morning meditation. I know, I feel bad about it…I really should stay in check.

At lunch I planned to workout, maybe I will skip and grab some BBQ instead. What is one meal gonna hurt?

Then I realize, to my relief: Although many decisions I make every single day may not support a healthy body, I am pretty darn healthy despite this.

Does it mean that these actions actually are not healthy for me? Of course not. We know what is healthy and what is not, however we also know that our bodies have an amazing ability to adapt to stress. This is what my innate intelligence can and does do when it is able to function without interference.

I may not meditate every single day, or even stretch all the time, and sometimes I eat unhealthy, or have an alcoholic drink. I will not ever skip on my chiropractic care. Chiropractic adjustments allow my natural, inborn adaptability (via my innate intelligence) to work at its peak, even when I stress it with poor decisions.

Keep this part of me working, and I don’t have to stress the small stuff, and neither will you!