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Down time.


I have to admit, I am a little uncomfortable with “down time”. No doubt, time for your body to recover, for the mind to rest, or for relaxation is important. However, “down time” should never go against the ultimate purpose for our lives. My purpose is so clear to me that I know what down time should and should not look like.

If down time is time away from my son, I’m not interested. I work too hard for that down time. For my wife, however, down time is time spent more on herself…because she is around our son all day long..well at least for the summer!

Innate intelligence (that “thing” that heals and maintains us in existence) has no down time. All the time, innate intel. is on the job. It keeps you functioning in the crazy world you choose to function. You push your body on the weekend, innate intel. has it covered. You choose to veg. out on the sofa on Sunday morning watching cartoons, innate intel. has all the chores checked off for the radical change in your activity level.

One day your innate intel. will have downtime. Until then, I suggest we live our life FILLED with experiences that enrich the lives around us. One can do this best with an innate intel. that is uninterrupted…the meaning of living a subluxation-free life.