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Telling someone that they have 40 years of deterioration in their spine and nerve system isn’t sexy. What’s sexy is telling that same person that there is something they can feel 18 again in 7 days after taking this remedy, and right now it is on sale!

Of course we all want to believe the sexy statements. We want to believe that there is a quick fix to a long-standing issue. We want to see dramatic changes that lead to fast and amazing results that stick forever. However, if we want real change that lasts we have to be ready to have patience.

Perhaps more importantly, believing the sexy talk can be very dangerous to our health. All  (yes, all) medicines, diet pills and salves have side-effects. Some more than others, so be safe in what you put into your body.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do not believe the hype:

  • A quick fix is most likely not “fixing” anything. Most likely, you are being distracted while the issue persists.
  • If there is deterioration that is present, it took time to get that way so it will take time to correct the issue, if correction can happen.
  • Patience and follow through always wins the race.