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Just this week we had a patient that was not excited to get X-rays. Whether it was the gown that I needed her to put on, or the extra time that she had not planned for…she just was not happy about my request.
“Can’t you just feel what is going on?”
She is not the first one to ask this question. The short answer is, no, I cannot. In fact, no individual knows what the condition of your spine looks like without a picture. Just this week we found 2 separate individuals that had areas that should not be adjusted in the traditional manner, simply due to mechanical differences that were “unusual”.
The truth is this:
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Does an X-ray tell you everything about a patient? Of course not. However, it is a window into finding the cause of ill health. As a Chiropractor, I will take every precaution when looking to your spine for the cause of your health issues. If this takes an X-ray (and often it does), then this is what we will do to make sure you get the best care possible.