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At this time of the year, there is always an accumulation of stress. Just take a look at the traffic in the evenings: People speeding up, driving a bit more erratic. From an emotional perspective, we can all agree, the holidays bring on a bit more stress. However, there is also added stress, chemically, from the food we eat and the drinks we consume. For some, there is more physical stress: Raking leaves or getting those holiday decorations up and just right. Lastly, the weather pattern, at least here in Texas, continues to keep our bodies guessing. Freezing weather one day to wet and muggy, like this morning in mid December!
So, how does this all affect our health?
Stress affects the weak areas of the body. The spinal structure can be compared to links of a chain: It does not matter how strong the chain is, if there is one weak link. The weak area will show the stress, time and time again.
At Adjust, we discover where your weak areas affect your health, and make them as strong as possible. We accomplish this with very specific Chiropractic care to the affected areas. As the health of your spine and nerve system get stronger, so will your health. When the patient is free of interference in the nervous system, their body can respond appropriately to life’s stress so that you can enjoy life with less focus on the stress and more focus on what matters to you!