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As the month of February is well under way, it would be a disservice of us to not mention Chiropractic’s involvement with the human heart. Yes, Chiropractic cares for the nervous system, however it is impossible to make changes in the nervous system without affecting the heart. The connections are numerous and so deeply involved that the spine has multiple areas that directly feed your heart. In fact, so much so, that some Chiropractors (us included) measure the heart to get an idea on how the communication from brain-to-heart is working. This is called Heart Rate Variability(HRV) testing.
HRV testing gives the clinician an understanding of how your system is responding to stress: emotional, chemical, or physical. From this data, we are able to properly assess the Nervous System’s function of adaptability. Adaptability to life’s stresses is what keeps us healthy in the midst of a storm. This information is gathered from the heart and its consistent, yet non-linear, beat pattern. What a help your heart is to the Chiropractor!
Next time you think of the heart, you should realize it does much more than push blood through your system. It also acts as a “tell” of a very important controller of your health.
If you are interested in measuring your HRV, you can schedule it here.
Have a wonderful Heart Health Month!