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Bringing Saturdays Back

The summer is quickly coming to an end, and we at Adjust are ready to dig in a little deeper. This means expanding our hours on Saturday!

Starting September 12th, we will open Saturday morning at 8 am. How late will we be here? Depends on you!

We will be open and available for appointments starting at 8 am, and open the schedule up as the schedule dictates. If you would like to be seen on a Saturday, please schedule online or simply call, and we will make sure you are well taken care of.

Schedule for the next week..

Schedule for the next week..

Vacation starts tomorrow!

We will be out of town for a week, starting tomorrow..
Closing at 6 pm Today, August 4th.
Regular hours resume on Wednesday. August 12th.
*Please remember that in order for you to get the best care possible, we ask that you schedule… even if that means calling when you are in the car, that way we can make sure you get our full attention.

Thank you for allowing us to take care of you. When deciding our own vacation time, we attempt to make plenty of opportunities for our patients to get checked right before we leave and right when we get back. however, we know that means you need to change your schedule from time to time. Thank you for working with us!
Check out our online booking to schedule for next week, if you have not done so, and watch Instagram if you want to keep up with what we are doing. As always, I will be attempting to catch bigger and better fish than my son…just to keep his ego in check, as every father should.
-Matthew M Mix, DC

As much as we LOVE taking care of you, it’s time for a little R&R..
Next week, Monday, we will return for normal hours through the week. However, we will be closed the first week in August (see below).
Thank you for allowing us to take care of you. We have plenty of time on the schedule to make sure there is little lapse in your care. Check out our online booking, or call during business hours.
Simply, we practice what we preach. It is so important to give your mind a little downtime so that you can perform at your peak. That way we can return full of the energy you deserve for your healthcare.
-Matthew M Mix, DC

Our Schedule

  • Closing at 6 pm Today, July 22nd.
  • Regular hours resume on Monday, July 27th.
  • Closed August 5th-August 11th for Summer vacation.
  • *Please remember that in order for you to get the best care possible, we ask that you schedule. Even if that means calling when you are in the car, that way we can make sure you get our full attention.
Construction, Schedules and Covid Oh My!

Construction, Schedules and Covid Oh My!

A Big THANK YOU for your patience!

While it has been inconvenient at times to park close to our office, we want to thank you for being so wonderfully patient with the crews working our front office.
We hope that the final design of the Main Street Project ultimately makes it easier for you to get the care at our office that you desire.
Meanwhile, a majority of the impact to our driveway is complete, and your parking area on our private drive should be easier to navigate!

Our Schedule 

Closing at 12 pm Tomorrow, Thursday, July 2nd.
Regular hours resume on Monday, July 6th,
*Please remember that in order for you to get the best care possible, we ask that you schedule. Even if that means calling when you are in the car, that way we can make sure you get our full attention.

 Happy Fourth of July!

We would like you to know this important message regarding Covid-19:

Many of us are undergoing so many emotions at this time regarding Covid-19. We have seen fear, confusion, sadness, and outright anger from many of you for a myriad of reasons. All of these emotions have merit.
What keeps me grounded in this time of uncertainty is what my 5th grade teacher said to me when I was struggling in her class:
“Focus on what YOU and only you can control.”
As I see it, this is one major thing I can control, and it gives me comfort: My behavior.
I can eat healthy, drink healthy, exercise healthy, and think healthy if I so choose. All of these behaviors will ultimately create a healthier life.
I choose to use this time as an opportunity to treat myself with the respect it deserves. It deserves good food, good water, good movement and a great nerve supply to coordinate all the actions so that you may be as healthy as possible.
-Matthew M Mix, DC

Schedule here to continue your care.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Wait, you’re open?

We continue to get this question, often. — Yes, we have never closed!
Chiropractic is and will continue to be essential healthcare for the Community of Bastrop. Just like other businesses, we are not practicing “pre-Covid” measures of sanitation (although we pride ourselves of cleanliness then and now).
We have spent quite a bit of money, time and energy making our office as safe as possible.
However it is worth the cost, because your health is worth the cost.

-Matthew M Mix, DC

Our Schedule 

Closing today, Tuesday – 45 minutes early for meetings.
We are closing at noon on Thursday, July 2nd
Saturdays are closed until further notice.

Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you to all the dad’s of our community. We appreciate all that you do to help our young ones grow up to be healthy, active positive role models for others. We understand that with proper guidance from you, a child will have a better chance to reach their human potential. Heck, they might even be a Chiropractor one day!

We look forward to continuing to serve you now more than ever.
Schedule here.


Chiropractic is..

When the word, “Chiropractic” comes to mind, what do you think of?

So many think of the “pop” or “crack”.
Maybe some think of the adjustment. Meaning, they see it as more of a precision tuning, as our care is about being precise with the changes we make to an an individual’s nervous system.
However, we think different than all of these.
When you really understand what we do at Adjust, you will see that Chiropractic is so much more.
We think about all the work that goes into performing the adjustment. Not just the schooling, the studying, the measuring and the time, we think about the passion of what we do.
We hope that if you have ever been under the care of our clinic, you too understand that we are passionate about helping you live the life of your dreams, without limitation. We do this by not taking out job lightly.

This is serious business, because your health is your most important asset.

This is why we have taken the past few weeks to tighten up our delivery of care.
We have just reinvested in even better technology to serve you. After-all, it’s money well spent, because it will help you get the best results possible.
The technology is only helpful if it helps get you results, and so we will be monitoring it, as we do all of our upgrades.
If you are under care, or return to care shortly, during the next couple of months, you will see the scanning reports and graphs look different, this is because the upgrades enhance the depth of knowledge we are able to receive about your nervous system. There will be a different portal to retrieve your results, and the technology in the office will utilize I-pads, so we can be a little more mobile if need.
We look forward to continuing to serve you now more than ever.

How do You Want to EXIT the Stay in Place Order?

Our Intention is for 2020 to be your healthiest year yet.

We do not guess about how healthy you are, we measure it. This year, in fact, we have stepped up our game once again and invested in even better technology to properly assess your nervous system. This system is on it’s way, and we expect it to help us continue to get the results your body deserves.
The reason we don’t go cheap with our technology, is simple:
To get results.


Of course this year has started off rocky..

It has been a stressful start to the year. This exactly why we have stepped up our game:

  • Stress causes increase consumption (food and/or alcohol).
  • This leads to poor sleep.
  • This lowers the immune system.
  • Your ability to adapt to stress is, in a big part, part of your immune system.

So, what can we do?

  • Get real data on how your nervous system is working.
  • Get the problem corrected with an adjustment performed precisely.
  • See the results of this care in your energy, your quality sleep, and the strength and increased ability to adapt to stress.
  • Do what it takes to hold the adjustment:
    • stretch
    • exercise
    • eat well
    • think well

Schedule here.

Is Stress the Enemy?

Is Stress the Enemy?

Stress has been vilified for years as the cause of your health problems:

Do you have stress?

Is stress killing you?

Stress, the silent killer.

However, research shows that stress does not kill at all. In fact, stress can be good for you.

So, what then is it that causes us ill-health?

Inability to adapt to stress.

Of course, it would be a great idea to minimize unnecessary stress, however let’s place the blame for our health issues where they are deserved: on your lack of adaptation.

Adaptation happens in the nervous system. In fact, the nervous system houses the control mechanism for these actions of adaptation. Knowing this, It would make sense to keep that as healthy as possible.