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I really enjoy exercise.  Not too many people can say that.  Exercise to most people is a chore, something they have to do to lose weight, or fit in that outfit they bought for the wedding next month.  So, because it is a chore, then that means they feel like they have to reward themselves.  I see this all the time at the gym I go to, however also in my practice.  Everyone wants the REWARD.

Just last week I observed someone workout for about 15 minutes, and then proceed to leave the gym, proceeding straight to the fast food restaurant right across the parking lot.  I guess this was their “reward” for showing up.  The obvious problem with this behavior is that the food they are consuming post workout is absolutely going to negate any of the work that they just performed.  The not so obvious problem, is that this creates a habit, a bad habit that is set in stone by the satisfaction of the greasy reward, and feeling of fullness.

Habits  need to be kept in check at all times if you are to take your health to the next level.  My suggestion to this individual would be the following: Re-define what your reward will be for working out.  Obviously the feeling of doing something good for yourself is not satisfying enough, so find something else for now.  A different, healthier reward system such as:  Workout 10 days in a row and get a manicure right after the 10th workout.  Maybe just taking a drive to your favorite spot in the park, just to sit there and watch the river flow.  A little time alone to think.  You might just come up with something worthwhile…like a better reward of your own!

Here’s my reward to you for making it a habit of checking out my blog:

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Check your habits, and see your health take on a new dimension!

Matthew M Mix, DC


“I want it, and I want it now!”

-Varuca Salt in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”

 It’s not surprising to see a child wanting immediate gratification.  I remember Varuca yelling at her parents and anyone else that would listen.  At that very point when Varuca is pronounced a “bad egg”, I have to admit….there was a little smile that came across my face.  Who want’s to listen to a spoiled little girl, constantly talking about HER wants?

Let’s face it, we all have a little Varuca deep down inside (some of us less deep down inside than others). We all have wants, and self-imposed limitations to timing of these wants.  It’s great to want…however do what is necessary to get what you want.  You want to feel better, have more energy, lose weight?  Set the goal, set the time limit, and do the actions it takes to get that goal.

Whatever your health goal, it all starts with a healthy nerve system.  With a healthy spine and nerve system, you will hit all your goals faster, with better results along the way.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Your most precious commodity

I would imagine the word “commodity” doesn’t often surface in a doctor’s office. This is a word that you hear in a bank, or a coffee shop in downtown New York. In the past we have put a lot of trust in banks, and other financial institutions, maybe it’s time to focus on what’s really important.

Money as an example, is a wonderful asset, however ONLY if you are able to use it to buy what you need or want. If money is stored somewhere, safely or not so safely it still has potential at that very moment to allow you to make your life easier in some form or fashion. So what will you use this money for?

Some use it for crisis events only. In fact some have an emergency fund for that “just in case something goes wrong with my health day”. Unfortunately, many people let that fund control their life…they let that money accumulate over time thinking that the more they have, the more security they will posses. In fact, it is my suggestion that the one thing that could really have minimized risk to their health is being proactive in their use of money for their health.

I spend a lot of money on my health, proactively. I take supplements, I belong to a gym, I pay a lot of money for organic foods, I buy the proper running shoes, and get new ones well before I probably need to (just in case).  I get massages often, and most importantly I get my spine and nerve system checked weekly, whether I feel good or not, to make sure I am reaching my health potential. I even buy my dog organic, healthy raw food!

Yet, there are people who eat like junk, feed their kids junk, never get adjusted, and do this all to save money. Let me tell you a secret:

You’re losing money and time.

With good health, you will be able to do so much more with the ones you love.  You will be less limited in your daily activities.  You will smile more, you will have more peace, and you will do this all while protecting your most valuable commodity: your health!

Matthew M Mix, DC