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death, defined.

How do you measure death?

This may be a subject you are not use to thinking about, and neither am I. Usually my blog posts are about life, health and full human potential. However, in order to fully appreciate life, it is important to understand death.

In the past, death was determined by breath. If someone was no longer breathing, then they were considered dead. Of course, their were stories that people had a string tied to a bell outside of the grave so that if the individual “came to”, then someone would come to the rescue. I guess every now and then, someone was actually buried alive.

Later on, it was deemed necessary to listen to the heart. If the heartbeat could not be heard, then that person was deemed “expired”. Makes sense, however what if you had someone with a very faint heartbeat. That mixed with someone hard of hearing, and you would need that bell!

Today, it is widely accepted that death means no nerve system function. Why does this make sense? Your nerve system is the master control for your entire body. Without a nerve system, life is impossible, and ringing that bell at your graveside would prove to be impossible too!

Knowing this, wouldn’t make sense to keep your nerve system healthy? Of course it would, and many do everyday. You can function without a perfectly clear nerve system, however you can’t function well. This is why chiropractors strive to keep your nerve system without interference throughout your entire life.

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