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My blogs often consist of ways to improve ourselves. I feel, however, that I have possibly missed out on celebrating successes as well. Take the time in life to celebrate, after all life is rather quick.

Adjust turns 9!

What’s holding you back?

To get healthier, you have to get rid of unhealthy habits. I know it sounds simple, but stay with me for 2 minutes on this important, simplistic truth.

A lot of diets, and “strategies” to lose weight or to clean up your health do not utilize the most important factor in becoming healthy:

You must let go of bad habits and poor tendencies, in order to create a healthier life.

Why do most strategies not embrace this simple truth? It’s not sexy. Yep, it’s not really that interesting, it isn’t flashy, and it would be easier to try to sell you a “miracle” pill.

Listen, it comes down to this:

You were made for a healthy existence. Therefore, if you are not healthy, then something is in the way.

Chances are, you do not need a magic pill, a potion, or a fat burning capsule. The health you desire also desires you. Your good health is constantly striving to be realized within you. The natural tendency to the human existence is health.

Remove the interruptions to this natural, normal healthy state, and experience what you are meant to experience.