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the mind

All to often, I notice that the mind is neglected. The part of our human experience that deciphers our surroundings is not to be taken lightly.

I believe that your mind can determine your life experience. I have met people that live in very similar environments. One is happy, and one is sad. It is all determined by their very own mind.

It all boils down to a decision: “Do you train your mind, or do you allow it to be influenced by outside sources?”

One of the worst decisions I can possibly make when eating breakfast is turn on the news. Stories of wars, poverty, viruses. Wouldn’t it be a better use of time to have a  conversation with my wife and son? This is how you can train your mind. Use it properly, and it will become an asset, not a liability.

1 ply

I returned from a small town in Nicaragua this week. There were many things that were quite a bit different than our usual day-to-day routines. However, I would like to talk about one in particular: toilet paper (TP).

TP is such a simple product. Near everywhere you travel, you will see TP. Sometimes TP is rough, sometimes it is soft. Sometimes it is thick, and sometimes you find it thin. Sometimes perforated, others a continuous roll.

One thing is for certain with TP:

Once you get use to a certain quality, it is near impossible to be satisfied with an inferior experience.

Health can be thought of in a similar fashion. When you experience the results of a quality chiropractic adjustment, your quality of life changes for the better. Your health simply deserves to function without interruption from a subluxation. When a quality adjustment is given, a subluxation clears, and quality of life instantly changes. Why would anyone want a lower quality of life?