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Super Bowl Greatness

Super Bowl Greatness

Why do people get so excited about football?
Of course, it is marketed extremely well.
Then there’s the bright lights, performances from the greatest artists at halftime.
However, why care about football at all?
I believe it is because people want what these Super Bowl players seem to possess: GREATNESS
It is our basic need to be significant. We want to be great at what we choose to do. No matter what we choose, it is our choice and therefore significant to us!

This begs the question, “How do I become great?”
Simply, greatness starts with great health.

No matter how much talent a person possesses, without great health, that talent will never shine.

*Spoiler alert: Most often, the healthiest team wins it all. It really is that simple.

Of course, you are likely not playing in a Super Bowl. However, does that mean your health is somehow not as important? You have goals and aspirations just like Drew Brees does. Sure, his physical prowess is obviously important, but it is not as important as yours and mine.

Get healthy first, then do great things.. @Adjust



*Originally written 1/27/2017. Re-visited and edited 1/16/2019.