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The human body is the ultimate D.I.Y.

The correct amount of oxygen is given to the correct amount of blood cells in the exact place that is most efficient in the correct percentage necessary for life. Truly, we could go on and on about the intelligent actions within you…and it truly is doing it yourself.

In fact, you are your own pharmacy. Your body distributes the drugs to the right places, in the right fashion and at the right time….and it does this by itself.

So what is our job?

Don’t interfere, interrupt, disrupt or harness the ultimate DIY within you, your own personal innate intelligence.


The word, “legacy” is very important to our clinic, Adjust. It is one of our core values that serves as a litmus test for our objectives. Simply put, we make decisions that have positive affects long-term. What would be the opposite of this?


There are many health practices that provide temporary change, temporary relief, or temporary changes. Sometimes this is necessary. However, if you are looking to have a better life experience, then thinking about your health 20 years from now is the best decision you could make.

When making decisions for your health, think legacy. How will the decisions I make today affect me 5, 10, 20, or 50 years from now?



Lent is done!

Lent is done!

Lent is over, now what?

Due to my Catholic roots, I enjoy giving up something that is unhealthy for Lent. If you give up the right thing, it is a healthy change and a good way to test self-control. But, what happens after Lent?

After you are off the hook from your religious requirements, what happens to that unhealthy habit?

Is the habit a vice or an indulgence?

If I can honestly say that my habit is a vice, basically that it takes me away from what is truly important in my life, then it has to go. Sometimes removing yourself for 6 weeks from something just to see the result is well worth it to your overall health.

One thing I will never go without is a clear and healthy nerve system, and neither will my family for that matter. With this, you can and will adapt much better to your lifestyle, vices and all. It doesn’t mean the habits can be ignored. You should minimize as much stress to your body as you can. What I am saying is simply this:

A break from habits is a good thing. However, don’t forget the follow up that must be had to properly asses the damage after AND don’t forget what helps you adapt to these habits.

It’s time to give up

It’s time to give up

What are you willing to give up to reach your health goals?

I’m willing to be honest. Sometimes that comes across a little harsh to a potential patient that wants to know if they can be helped. Sometimes that answer is, “no”. No doubt, I do not hesitate to tell the brutal truth. So, when we talk about health goals or objectives for someone’s quality of life, I am not afraid to talk about what they will need to give up. Most doctors do not mention this…it’s not popular. It is much easier and friendly to string someone on about their decisions that are destructive.

Here is a truth that many find hard to hear:

You will not reach your goals doing the same thing you are doing now.

If you COULD reach that goal with your current practices, you would have it by now. Usually that change you have to make not only involves adding a healthy habit, but also giving something up.

Discover if we can help you here.


4 Questions to Live By.

4 Questions to Live By.

1- Is your health really a priority?

2- If you “lost your health”, what would that mean?

It has often been said that if you wish to know an individual’s values, look at where they spend their time. We can all say, “God, family, health.” However, when push comes to shove, we stop at the convenience store for a cigarette. Maybe we scoff at the doctor when he wants $300/ month for preventative health services, and that same day we write that check for a new truck for $700/ month.

This may be a wake-up call for you, and if you need to wake-up, we are happy to help. However, it has to start with you. You have to make the decisions that are going to support a life that you can look at with pride. 

3- If you knew you left opportunity with loved ones on the table, would you be proud of that?

I’m in the boat with you!

This is what I think about on a regular basis:

4- How can I make the best impact for good, with this limited time we are here?