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Healthcare in America

Healthcare in America

The discussion of healthcare continues in the headlines in the US on a daily basis. Not only were healthcare discussions a likely reason for many voters to participate in the the recent election of President Trump, healthcare costs continue to rise at an alarming rate. Truth is, no matter who you voted for in the election, everyone can agree that healthcare costs are out of control. Something needs to change, but what?

Here’s an idea:

Healthcare needs to take a big step into preventative care. Not only is it ethically correct, it is good for our nation as a whole. Do not get confused, I am not talking about early detection. Preventative measures means true prevention. It means taking healthy steps BEFORE any signs of ill-health. Prevention doesn’t look for disease and ill-health, it helps you avoid these things, by focusing on steps that do not interfere with an already healthy body.

Some examples of prevention for healthcare:

  • Eating organic, healthy foods.
  • Drinking clean, natural water.
  • Exercise for health.
  • Chiropractic care to remove subluxations to the nerve system.
  • Massage to relax the muscles and mind.
  • Meditation techniques.
  • Healthy, natural sleep.

If healthcare truly wants to change in order to offer a high quality of life to those within our nation, we NEED to support the things that actually have shown to improve our quality of life.

Prevention is cheaper than cure.



Somebody once told me the definition of hell: “On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” — Anonymous

A common theme among our patients is found in the above quote. We value health for ourselves and our families.

We detest the thought of not living up to our unique potential. In fact, we cringe at the notion that untapped potential lies with us.

We know that health is necessary for becoming the person we choose to become. Do you resonate with this vision?



Ever heard this:

You can never have too much of a good thing.

Of course there are always exceptions to rules that have words in them like, “never”. However, I would definitely say this is true for a proper chiropractic adjustment. I decided to briefly write about this today because I have heard patients say:

I don’t want to get over-adjusted.

Well, that is impossible, if you are a patient in our office. Here’s how it works in 3 simple steps:

  1. We look for a subluxation in your spine. This is where the nerve system is altered due to the position of the spine.
  2. If the subluxation is present, we adjust it.
  3. If the subluxation is not found, you do not get adjusted and we change your frequency of care.

The goal of our office is for you to be clear. Clear of subluxation, of course. Once you are clear, we keep you clear for as long as possible. The longer you hold the precise adjustment we administer in our office, the longer your nerve system is able to work at 100%. Given enough time with a clear nerve system, you will heal and be restored to health.

So, don’t worry about being over-adjusted at Adjust. We check every single visit for subluxation.