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Not that long ago there was a man that had suffered deafness. His name was Harvey Lillard. Harvey was a janitor at the local school, where he met a man named DD Palmer. DD Palmer spoke with Harvey about his health condition, and convinced Harvey to receive his first chiropractic adjustment.

It is important to note that this is the first chiropractic adjustment known to man. This adjustment was a specific type of adjusting for the sole purpose of moving a specific part of the spine back into alignment. The area which was adjusted is unclear, however there is no denying that chiropractic has it’s roots in the restoration of hearing. This comes as a surprise to almost every patient.


We have been taught to believe that for every symptom, we must treat that symptom. We have been taught to remove, relieve, or heal a symptom is the way to better health. This philosophy is in-congruent with chiropractic’s philosophy. Had DD Palmer been thinking “within the box”, Harvey would still be deaf, Ronald Reagan would have not had his radio gig from DD Palmer’s son (BJ Palmer), and I would have never met my wife in chiropractic school. The chain of events that occurred on that day of hearing restoration have been momentous for those that have sought out chiropractic care.

Yet, with the many “miracles” we see on a daily affair in chiropractic, there are many more that are never seen because of the unknowing principles of how life works. There is one main principle, fact of life that chiropractic works on. This principle is the foundation of all that is performed. 

The human body has an unfathomable ability to thrive, heal, and live life. Chiropractors call this innate intelligence. It is the power within you that keeps you alive and moving. Your body’s ability to heal often needs no help….just no interference.

You understand this principle, you understand chiropractic, and why we get the results that we do.