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Potential limited

How healthy can one be?

This is a question that you answer for yourself constantly, without even knowing. You answer this when:
-you settle for a cough that lasts 2 weeks.
-you can’t turn your head to the right when trying to back out the parking spot, so you just resort to your mirrors, and or backup cameras.
-you noticed your pants are a little tighter than they use to be, and you blame it on the fabric shrinking….then you notice it is also happening to that other pair of pants, and you don’t do anything about it.
-you can’t even think of running a mile, when you use to do 5 miles like it was no big deal.

So, have you given into the the lower levels of health, choking it up to, “Guess I’m getting older.”? Don’t give up on your potential for higher levels of health. Just because your friends are getting slower, doesn’t mean that it is natural or normal to do so.

Matthew M Mix, DC


Better to light one candle, than to curse the darkness.

I have never really found it enjoyable to hang around people who would rather talk about what is wrong.  Bringing up problems, or challenges is important so that solutions can be made.  However, if all that is focused on is the bad, the wrong, the improper, and the terrible….then no solution will be found.

It’s important to know the facts of the situation.  So, you have degeneration in your spine, and your able to know it means your nerve system has not been working well for years now.  What’s the solution?  What’s possible from here?

You can not change the past, however you can take steps to get yourself and your family healthier in 2013.

Adjust does just that.  We look at the facts of the state of your health, then we look at where we can go.  Where do you want to go?  Curse the darkness, or light one candle, it’s up to you.

Matthew M Mix, DC



Have you ever watched people get into a pool for the first time of the summer? There are some that walk over, and look to see if anyone else is doing it yet. Then, with no commitment whatsoever, they take a flip-flop off and put one toe in. Based on what information they receive from this toe, they then proceed to find a chair, or lounger and remove the hat, scarf, or other accessories not fit for a swim. Now it’s time to jump in right? Not really. Now it’s time to head to the steps, where they take each step as slow as they are comfortable with, inching closer and closer to acceptable depths.
Of course, we know the polar opposite of this individual. That is the one who walks into the pool area, whom kicks their sandals off, throws the towel on the chair and finds the deep end immediately. They do it so quickly that they forget they have a hat and sunglasses on. Immediately they sink all the way in, and within seconds are completely immersed into the waters they showed up for.
Our world is made up of both of these people. Some will jump into health advice from a trusted source without hesitation, and others try to find every reason not to participate. Either way, we eventually should come to the same conclusion: Chiropractic works.
The question isn’t whether Chiropractic works or not, it’s this:
How soon do you want it to work for you?

Matthew M Mix, DC


It’s time to think about resolutions and planning 2013.  Where do we want to go, to do, or become next year.  Most of us make plans, and they fall to the side around Valentine’s Day.  So, I thought this year would be a good idea to think about it in advance.

Instead of a resolution like this:

I want to lose 15 pounds.

How about a resolution like this:

I choose to cut 15 pounds of fat off of my body by May 1st.  I choose to participate in this resolution, because:

-My health is worth it.

-My kids will see that I care about myself, and will set a good example for them.

-My significant other will be tempted to join in on my resolution.

I will cut the 15 pounds by:

-Eating clean, per the no-chemical rules.

-Exercising as my body was designed.

-Keeping my nerve system clear per my Chiropractor’s instructions.

Every Child Checked by 5 years old

Everyone wants to make a difference.  The key is to use your talents to get this done.  Here’s my chance:

I had the opportunity to hang out with some of the best chiropractors in the world this weekend, and their families.  I always love seeing the children of chiropractic.  These are the kids that have been checked by their chiropractic moms and dads since birth, as my son has been.  This time, however, I sat back and observed these bright, healthy kids.  It hit me square in the head:  I realized that this was the key to a healthier society tomorrow.

If every child, before the age of 5, was checked by a Chiropractor, the future health of our nation would be substantially better.

Why children?

-By 5 years of age, the degeneration process has not set in.

-At this age, kids are less likely to be labeled as ADHD, therefore are on less medications.

-less medications = less care needed by Chiropractors, allowing the Chiropractic profession to handle the care of this group.

-Who doesn’t want their kids checked for a clear nerve system?

-Any interference to the natural, inborn, innate intelligence of a 5 year old child is easily correctable before major damage occurs in a majority of the cases.

So, there it is.  A huge undertaking.  A simple chiropractic check-up, with extreme ramifications for the future of our society.

Matthew M Mix, DC