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Health Insurance

Health Insurance

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A common conversation today is on insurance, specifically: health insurance. Health insurance is misunderstood so commonly because the term is incorrect to begin with. If health insurance companies were truly insuring your health, then more energy would be given to funding pre-unhealthy states of their members.

For instance, an insurance company would help pay for healthier food options, or pay for a trainer at your health club. To the contrary, what we see now is an insurance company that will pay for tubes in a child’s ears due to ear infections, however will not pay for conservative chiropractic care which has shown some great results with ear infections in children. Check out the research: Research: 93% of ear infections improve in children with chiropractic care

It would be interesting to see the business model of a true “health insurance” company develop. An insurance company that would pay for chiropractic services, nutrition, organic food choices could be a discount to the plan, etc.

Maybe health insurance needs a new name..sick insurance.

What are your thoughts?

Matthew M Mix, DC, ACP

The “don’t fix it till it’s broke” dillema.

It is not often that a good comparison can be made between the human body and a machine. After all, one is a living, self healing entity, of which we truly know little about. However, there is one analogy that works well:
If you wait till your car stops running to change out the oil, you will most likely need to replace your engine.

The same could be said about your nerve system. The cost of huge repairs becomes not only financially irresponsible, it also is a time and energy burden. Not to mention the aggravation, and decrease in overall quality of life. So here is the real question you should ask yourself:
Is it irresponsible to NOT practice prevention in your life?
I would love to help you and your family prevent a lower life experience. It is true, we are only on this planet for a short time. Let’s experience it at the highest level of health possible. You cannot be healthy without a healthy nerve system.

Matthew M. Mix, DC, ACP