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bad curve

bad curve

Picture taken facing left. Reversal of curve shown.

When looking at an x-ray, like the one above, it is important to understand a few things:

  1. This curve was not always this way. Most of us have a great curve in our neck before we can walk properly, it helps with balance.
  2. It is a common condition, yet it does not have to be. The curvature in the spine gets changed like the one above from a condition called vertebral subluxation.
  3. This can and should be corrected for proper functioning of the nerve system, which leads to a healthier existence.


We have this couple that use to live in our town. In fact, they use to life in my neighborhood. They were so unhappy. They were unhappy with the school system, the roadways, the H.O.A., the golf course, the bike paths, the nature trails and even the garbage collection companies. They were so unhappy, I did my best to avoid this couple at every opportunity. You see, I did not want my EXPERIENCE to be dictated by them.

This is an important lesson to be learned. Are we allowing others to determine the type of experience we have on this planet. We have all heard the conversations about how time is fleeting…but what are we doing about it?

Right now, you decide what experience you would like to choose. Choose the best experience possible, and you are choosing to get rid of the leeches. Truth is, you are not helping them anyhow, or they wouldn’t be complaining so much! Kick them to the curb immediately, and move on to a better experience.IMG_1634

Intelligence is number one

Your life experience is determined by your innate intelligence, through your nerve system. Literally, without the intelligent innate intelligence that we all posses, the pieces of what we see in the mirror, or under a microscope are useless. We are more than the parts could ever be. So, let’s not say terms like, “the body heals itself.” It doesn’t. The body is nothing without the intelligence that resides within it.

Do we know exactly how it all works? Of course not.

Knowing the details of how my smart phone work is not important for me in order to be able to utilize the device for my benefit. The same can be said about your innate intelligence.

Why does this matter? Well, words have meaning. Denying the existence of an intelligent design could allow you to make decisions that are not in your best interest…or worse yet, not in the best interest of a loved one.baby hand



Recently, it is near impossible to hear the distractions. In fact, it seems our entire society is distracted.80300-1

  • Distracted by the media.
  • Distracted by Pokemon Go, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat
  • Distracted by text messages, e-mails and ear buds.
  • Distracted by corporate sales pitches.
  • Distracted by multi-level-marketing companies.
  • Distracted by “reality t.v.”

Sometimes we can be so distracted by these things above, that we lose touch with what is really important to us.

I cannot tell you what is important to you. I can tell you what is important to me and my patients, friends, and family: EXPERIENCE.

How is your life experience?

Does your current engagement in distractions increase or decrease your life experience?

Stay tuned to what matters, next time we will talk about your experiences.



It is often said,

“learn your strengths and focus on them. This is what sets you apart in a competitive world.”

I believe that you should think similarly when thinking about your own health. Think about how many health trends focus on where you are weak. Here are a few:

  • Diet plans.
  • Detox methods
  • Symptom relief care

There are times when the above methods are necessary, however for the individual that truly wishes to bring their health to higher levels, it is important to think about the strengths just as much, if not more. This means focusing on the most important part of you, your innate ability to heal.

Understanding the strength that your innate intelligence possesses will help you remember to practice behaviors that do not interfere with this asset.