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Innate intelligence + doughnuts = life

donutWhen exploring the health-potential of the human species, I am amazed at 2 main things:

  1. How well the human body is made and kept functioning; with little to no help from the intellect of that human.
  2. How little thought the average person gives to the processes that are occurring within him (that he has little to no help with).

If you think number 2 is not something to take seriously, then it is because you do not understand number 1. Number 1 is discussing what chiropractors refer to as innate intelligence. Learn more about your innate intelligence here.

Innate intelligence, in a nutshell, is responsible for every function of every cell and tissue in the body. (I know, this is a large “nutshell”). It is said that innate intelligence is what guides the actions that keep you alive and functioning as well as it can with the resources available. It is referred to as intelligent, because of the actions that occur under the guidance of innate intelligence.

After all, we consider some in our human species intelligent, however even the highest IQ cannot and have not understood 99% of the complexities of the human body. However, innate intelligence does, and will take that doughnut and cheap coffee you picked up at Donut Temple and convert it to something useful enough to prolong your existence!


It doesn’t matter what you think.

The law of life works even though the educated man knows nothing of that law. -BJ Palmer, DC

bj smiles

BJ Palmer, DC

This quote is a very broad statement, however I cannot think of a situation in which this does not hold true. No matter how much a person knows or does know know, the laws of life continue to work. What BJ was referring to in this quote was specifically the laws that cause man to live  and thrive.

He believed, and was correct, that there are laws that govern the inner workings of the human body. We could try to understand them, however even if we are not able to understand these laws completely, they still work.

Furthermore, and more importantly I will say this:

Man’s knowledge of the laws of life can and should help us understand how to live a reasonably healthy existence. -Matthew Mix, DC


Who are YOU?

He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away.

-Raymond Hull

What I think Raymond is talking about is being authentic. Authenticity, not in the manner of telling someone how you feel in an attempt to upset them. No, I believe Raymond is talking about being uniquely you.baby hand

You see, YOU are the only you like you. Without you, there would be no you. There is no replacement for you. In fact, when looking at just the visible you, there is no comparison. And that is just what we see.

The world wants to know what you think. This is how we, as a society, progress. What you think, and I think are not 100% the same. That is because our thoughts are uniquely different as well.

Of course, when thinking about that uniqueness, I would be a fool to not mention the unique nature your innate intelligence(II) has for you, than it does for me. Your II is responsible for keeping you adapting to the crazy world in which you reside.

II has a lot of work to do, and it isn’t done yet. How about for this December, we all focus on what makes us uniquely different, and fully express that trait in 2016.

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