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Pretty awesome

Is there anything that can equal the awesomeness that is your innate intelligence?

Think about your first day of life.  Not the day that we call your birthday, I’m talking about the day life actually occurred for you.  A life formed out of union of a sperm and an egg.  From that early union, began life for you. Since then changes continue to occur.  These changes occur mostly with no input from you at all.  In fact without input from you, the changes that occur within you are much more likely to be better, than with your “intellectual” input at all.

To think that we know more than the power that made you, is completely wrong.  As a chiropractor, I watch, and remove interference to that wonderful power that already resides within you.  This allows for the maximal expression of your life.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Listening or Speaking?

It seems to me that more often than not, a person will follow their:

brain instead of their heart
intellect instead of their gut
educated mind instead of their innate mind
other’s opinions instead of their inner wisdom

All too often, we take other’s opinions and agree with whatever sounds good to us at that time. Like a balloon blowing in the wind, whichever gust blows the hardest, is the direction we take. Whomever speaks the loudest gets our attention. Unfortunately, the ones that tend to speak the loudest in the “healthcare” field, are those that have the most money.

I strive to guide my patients to a land of rational thought. The place where you think for yourself. Education is used as a reference point, understanding that there is no substitute to real world testing. We give research and information on health, and let you draw your own conclusion.

I don’t want to perpetuate the follower attitude. I want you to think for yourself. Of course you will know my opinion, and I believe I earn my patient’s trust…however true understanding and change in paradigm, with regards to true healthcare, has to be found on your own.

Matthew M Mix, DC

day one

Today I had the opportunity to check the nerve system of a 1 day old. This is always one of the most humbling experiences as a chiropractor. To know that I am working with the Innate of a newborn, is awesome. To see the wiggle, as the spine moves to a more comfortable position, to experience the tense brow right before the interference is removed, and then to see a relaxed face, near a smile as the adjustment takes effect on the imprisoned impulse within this new child…is as close to heaven as I can imagine.
Welcome to the world, Isaac. The best gift I can give is a freely functioning nerve system on day one. It will serve you well.

Why Kids Need Chiropractic

Do kids have a nerve system?

Do kids have a spine?

Do kids get subluxated?

Of course!  A subluxation is interference in your child’s nerve system from stresses of normal life such as a fall, a trip, or even day 1 (traumatic birth).  Here is the key, however….you don’t know if your child has a subluxation, unless a chiropractor checks them.  Interference to the growing and developing nerve system of a child occurs all the time, without a parent’s knowledge.  This can be easily checked, and corrected by a knowledgeable chiropractor.

Accidents happen all the time, therefore subluxations happen all the time.  Fortunately I am trained and experienced to remove these subluxations with gentle, effective chiropractic adjustments to your child’s spine.

When your child’s nerve system is working at its peak, you will see changes in the health of that growing individual.  As a parent, my main goal for my son is that he can be whomever he chooses to be…to the best of his ability.  With chiropractic in his corner, his nerve system will work at 100% throughout his entire life.  With a nerve system working at its peak, you are healthier.  Who doesn’t want that for their children?


Your experience, whether you are happy with your experience or not, is taking place through your nerve system.  At this very moment you are reading the words, not with your eyes, but with your nerve system.  Yes, your eyes see the image, however without a brain and a functional nerve system, the words on this page would make no sense whatsoever.  Sometimes just thinking about these small things we are able to do…can make one understand how so intricately mastered we are.

  • Without the eye, we can not see.
  • Without the nerve system, the eye is useless.

Doesn’t it make sense to keep our nerve system as healthy as possible?  Your entire experience counts on it.