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It seems everyday there is some new berry discovered:

    “Deep in the jungles of the Amazon, there was a tribe found that had perfect teeth, and an average age of 114. Dr. Soandso of Suchandsuch University has extensively studied the tribe to determine their source of unlimited health and life. Now, never before released to the public, is this drink, protein bar, powder, pill, lotion, salve, and chewing gum that contains the Amazon Berry!”

I know, so I am a tad dramatic at times. However, the truth is that the above situation is not too far from the truth. The situation I am referring to can be summed up like this:
Those whom seek immediate health after years of neglect, do not want to experience pain, inconvenience, or sweat.
So, a quick pill to kill the pain (a habit practiced in the past), becomes no different than a berry from the Amazon to give me unlimited health and life to age 114.

I give you permission to jump off the bandwagon. True health comes from within. Follow the time tested truths of health:
-Limit or remove chemical stress
-Limit or remove physical stress
-Limit or remove emotional stress
-Limit or remove radiative stress
-Get adjusted by a chiropractor to remove the effects of the above stresses you could not remove.

Until next time,
With clear nerve channels,
Matthew M Mix, DC
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A life well lived

How much time I have left in this world is irrelevant. I am more interested in quality as compared to quantity. In the business that I am in, I have seen those that live 85 years, and wish they had only lived 65. I have also seen the polar opposite. I have seen someone live 60 years, however you knew that those 60 years were lived wonderfully, and they had no regrets.
There are those that live their life full out, and those that play at half speed. I choose to play full out, and I extend an offer to you to do so as well. It’s a nice feeling to know that at the end of the day you can reflect on that day with a smile.
To know that you used every second of the day as good as you knew how. To know that your life, no matter how long, was used to it’s full extent. This is a life well lived.

Matthew M Mix, DC


Sometimes the truth can be an eye-opener. When the facts are presented to our health that are not what we expected (for the worse) we tend to react one of these ways:
1-denial- “This can’t be true. Sure, I see the exam results, however I feel great.”
2-minimize- “Doc., don’t others my age have this same problem. I am 65 now. I also am more active than any other man my age, so I’m bound to not be perfect in my assessment.”
3-shock- “What? OMG, this is amazing, I had no idea. Can you help?”

When presented with the cold hard facts on your current health status, which reaction type do you fit? Instead of having an emotional reaction, the correct question should be:
-Are the tests that were performed accurate, reliable, and reproduceable?
-Do I trust my Doctor to be an expert in his or her field?
-Do I value my health enough to do something about it?



Here is a cold hard fact for you:
If you are not doing anything to keep you and your families spine and nerve system healthy with Chiropractic care, then the condition of your families spine and nerve system is not healthy.

Laws of nature tell us that entropy is and undeniable force. We will breakdown overtime if we don’t become proactive to slow that process down. In fact, not only can we slow the process down, we can reverse the damages of a long standing spinal issue, if we catch it early enough.

So, what’s the answer to keeping your family’s master control system of their body healthy?
There can only be one answer- maintain proper position with regular chiropractic check-ups from birth. This is why it is my mission to get every child checked by a Chiropractor by 5 years of age. The earlier the better, as entropy is undeniable.