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No one knows what you are really experiencing at this moment right now.  There is no one that can truly “feel your pain”.  The truth is that we all experience life through our nervous system.  Without a properly functioning nervous system, our perceptions are literally skewed.  Chiropractors see this phenomenon in their office all the time.  The demeanor of the patient from day one to 6 weeks later.  Are they in a better mood because they are starting to feel better? Sure, however there is so much more to it than that.

As your nervous system works at a higher and higher rate, you are able to experience life at a higher level.  What was perceived as a poor situation, is now seen as an opportunity for growth.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Drama by the CDC

On West Nile Virus:

Carried by birds and mosquitoes, which have spread it across the entire country, the virus has sickened 30,000 people since it first showed up in the United States in 1999.”

According to that statistic, 2,308 people have been “sickened” by this virus, per year.  Also,

As of Sept. 11, there have been 2,636 cases and 118 deaths reported to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention so far this year.”

What is required for an “Outbreak” designation by the CDC?  Clearly the CDC does not call over 100 deaths an outbreak.  If West Nile Virus is in OUTBREAK, then I would like to add the following to OUTBREAK status::

FDA approved drugs (82,724 deaths per year)

Overdose – prescription opiates

Emergency room visits

Drug violence in Mexico

Harms of prescription drugs

There is only one reason for over reaction by the CDC, and that is money.  Soon there will be a vaccine for West Nile.  Or some other drug that will help “lower the deadly affects of West Nile”.  It’s as simple as this:

  1. Create the problem with over-dramatization of a “deadly virus”.
  2. Provide a solution, with a nominal fee.

Please tell me we are more intelligent, than to go along with all this hype.

Matthew M Mix, DC

Source: http://www.drugwarfacts.org/cms/Causes_of_Death

Lucky 13

Medical News Today reports that in 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America.

That’s an average of roughly 13 prescriptions for each man, woman, and child.

This number is based on prescriptions, not over the counter drugs, or even vaccines were included in these numbers!  I take no drugs, so someone is having to take my 13 to make up the average!   If this does not cause your jaw to drop, then something is quite wrong.

How many of these drugs could have been prevented had we tried an alternative route?

Matthew M Mix, DC

Who knows best?

How do we know when we are sick?

Who determines whether your body is doing what it should be doing (healthy), or if it is out of control (sick)?

By out of control, who or what is in control of our body and it’s functions?

As a Chiropractor, we refer to the “in control who or what” as Innate Intelligence.  Innate Intelligence, or II for short, is that “thing” inside all of us that calls the shots.  With all my education, I have no idea how to turn a Twinkie into energy, and  I can not regulate my own blood pressure for the proper activities.  So, if it were up to my “educated mind” to keep me alive and healthy….I would fail.

Therefore, how do I know when I am really healthy or sick?  Fevers are used to kill harmful invaders in my body…a natural immune response.  Vomiting is a way to get “bad stuff” out of my body, as does diarrhea.

Instead of second guessing our II, try supporting it with things that we KNOW that are good and healthy.  Let’s not jump the gun on whether we THINK we need to lower that fever, or take a pill to induce a response from our body.  Until man is smarter than II, there is no reason to second guess it….support it!

Matthew M Mix, DC

Master system

What is the master control system for your entire physical body?

If there was one (and there is) main system in which all was under control, would it be guarded?

Who guards your family’s master control system?