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What did you just say?

What did you just say?

Do you ever get 5 minutes into a conversation until you realize that you and the other individual are talking about something completely different? This is sorta what happened to me the other day, except it happened on a blog. Let me explain..

The subject of the blog was how the CDC is scaring the population with regards to the Ebola Virus. The blog went on to say that Ebola virus has been over-hyped, it is not as dangerous as everyone has stated, and that we should probably focus more on mosquito transmitted diseases.

From a pure “how relevant is ebola” standpoint, I completely agree. However, then the author hit us with this gem:
“The alternative crowd is in on the scare touting potions and lotions to protect the human population from Ebola as well. In fact, they believe that humans were meant to be healthy, and if they are not healthy, something is interfering with this natural normal health state. This is completely wrong. We are a weak species, easily killed by small diseases, viruses, and insignificant traumas all the time.”

As I read that last couple of sentences, I could not help to think, “what is wrong with this guy.” He really things we are a weak species! He is oblivious to the fact that there are more human beings on the planet than ever before. While other creatures become extinct, we thrive in any environment. From Alaska to the Sahara desert, human beings can and do live on, in an environment that seems to be ever-changing. As far as
“insignificant traumas”, I guess the term “insignificant” is up for debate. However, I can personally state that I have seen some pretty significant traumas that people walk away from. Just watching 15 minutes of America’s Funniest Videos is all the research you should need for this. LOL

The entire foundation of what chiropractic believes is based on this premise:
“You were meant to be healthy.”
So naturally, I jumped from my computer when I saw the words “We are a weak species..” Of course we are not built with armor on our backs like a Rhino. Nor are we built with thick hair on our chests like bears in the winter months. However, we are supplied with a brain to help us take care of ourselves. One thing your brain does is to help you reason. It is this reason that has and will continue to make the human race the most advanced living thing on this planet. We don’t need the armor, we can create it. We don’t need to fly, we can build it and fly it. We don’t need to lift 10,000 lbs with our hands, we can build a crane to do that with a touch of a button.

Most importantly, we were NOT put on this planet to suffer, nor should we. YOU are meant to be healthy. Quite honestly, any thought otherwise is a pretty distorted view of life.

What do you think? Let me know!