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the inevitable

Change is inevitable. Change can be seen in all aspects of life, sometimes fast, and other times slowly. A newborn child changes rather quickly. Check this video out of one second of every day over one year of a child’s life: 365 days in 365 seconds
On the other hand, the changing of an oceanic reef takes thousands of years. Still changing, however unnoticeable to the human lifespan.
Here’s the important part of change. I see that we can decide to change, or we can have change thrusted apon us. I have had it both ways in my life. Both ways work, however making the decision to change on your own is much more empowering than changing by force.

What is the one thing that you need to change right now?

rain and the adjustment

Right now my town is in a drought. In fact the rain is so hard to come by, that the city has decided to place us under a moderate water restriction. In fact, I will take a picture of my yard today, and again in 2 weeks. I can guarantee the difference will be considerable.

It’s easy to understand: the less water, the less growth. More importantly: the less water, the more death.

Invariably the first thing that will happen, is that in the sunniest areas (the areas most effected by dryness) will start to turn brown. Then, it spreads like a domino effect. Soon the brown will be everywhere the shade isn’t. It’s not a pretty picture, in fact for a guy from New Orleans, where it rains daily during the summer, it is hard to watch. Everything that I worked so hard to plant, cut and trim will soon turn to dead, loose hay.

I can imagine your innate (that healing power within you) feeling the same way about your cells not getting the nerve impulses properly. Disappointed that it’s not being fed the right ingredients to keep it healthy. Your innate intelligence knows what to do to keep you healthy, and to return you to health, should you get sick. If your innate intelligence could talk, would it say, “Hey there. Remember me? We started out great. I had you working like a fine Rolex…and all you had to do is not interfere with the process!”


It is interesting to me what people remember from the past.  When getting together with friends from the “good ole days”, listen to what they remember about those days.  What you will find is that while there will be some similarities, most of the information that they remember will differ from the way you remember.  This doesn’t mean that someone is embellishing a story (although this does happen with my stories from time to time lol).  It means that everyone has a different perspective.  

One way that your your life experience is all in your perspective.

If you would like a great life experience, then change your perspective.  On a deep, cellular level, your perspective is formed mainly by your brain and nerve system.  If you have a poorly functioning nerve system, your perspective will be completely different than someone whom has a clear nerve system.

Don’t like a perspective that a friend may have?  Then refer them to your chiropractor!